Miami Collection

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Miami Collection, exclusively distributed by G.I.T. Spa / Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan).
The collection has been developed to bring to the Home Textile market a series of news that involves the style, presentation and sales methods of the products.
Our team took care of the development of the concept, the designs and the product packagings, the B2B website for the collection and the related printed catalogue and of course the industrialization of the products with reliable suppliers in the different production countries.
Calmonte Textile Solutions launches a second innovative collection after the presentation of Ted & Zoe, the pillowcases that unite the world of smartphones to the... home textiles!
Miami is the collection for the funny home!
A line of products designed for a young and ironic target. From the bedroom to the kitchen, Miami accessories will bring a smile to those who choose them. 
In line with lifestyle and fashion trends, Miami uses words as a new decorative element, combining the irony of the message with the most modern stylistic canons. 
From the Z-generation to the millennia, a look at the generations who want to change the rules. 

Miami Collection CatalogoMiami Collection Catalogo