Direct access to the main production districts in different countries
We collaborate with a wide and consolidated network of Suppliers to offer controlled and competitive productions and in each country we have quality control carried out by our collaborators. The purchase is direct, with maximum transparency of terms and assisted at every stage from the issuance of the purchase order and confirmation of the same, to subsequent approvals up to the shipping documents and any certifications.
Based on the request for quantity, cost, speed and flexibility for production and possible replacements, we offer different alternatives for the execution of the project. The access to a consolidated network of suppliers built in fifty years of activity, in continuous monitoring and updating, is one of our main guarantees.
Consistency in productions from different sources

A collection of Home Linen, or several products belonging to the same promotional operation, can be produced in various production districts, often in different countries. We make sure to respect the specifications for product design, packaging and the coordination of production and shipping times, so that the final products distributed will reach the market at the same time and represent exclusively the brand without reflecting any difference between the different origins.
Italy - Pakistan - India - Turkey - China - Portugal

Outsourcing of supply chain complexities

Product and Packaging Research and Development

We do not ignore any channel in search of the latest trends in the world of Home Textiles. Our team is constantly updated with the presence in the various distribution channels, participation in trade fairs and sharing of trends, also making use of various external collaborations that ensure plurality of information, ideas and proposals.

Once we have analysed the market, distribution and the specific needs of the customer, we are available to develop complete products and collections or, if the customer has a project already made, we take care of its production.

We take care of the study of the graphics and type of packaging for each product in a constant search for a fresh and updated presentation through the use of innovative materials and solutions. We support you in the preparation of sales material (sample folders, catalogs and informative brochures) for wholesale and promotional material for retail, including product photography, visual and location scouting.
Production and Quality Control
We finalize the purchase order in compliance with standard terms and conditions agreed with suppliers for a precise execution of the productions to which we integrate every specific need of the customer. We follow the realization of the prototypes, samples before and during the production and the related control. We supervise the development of productions and shipments with periodic visits and staff on site.
Documents and Certifications
We check the sales contracts to have any errors or discrepancies corrected before submitting them to the customer, reducing time losses and always looking for the best conditions. We are up to date with the ever-increasing demands for different legal certifications and sustainability. We follow the entire document flow (sales contract, credit documents, shipping documents, certifications, etc.): our job is to optimize, control and streamline processes.
Shipping and Delivery
The productions are checked on site by our supplier-independent collaborators to verify quality, assortment and compliance with scheduled timescales. Transparency is at the basis of each of our relationships and the overall volumes generated with each supplier are the best guarantee of reliability and availability for problem-solving, should the need arise. For any need in logistics and international transport we provide support through a shipping agency affiliated with us, supporting the customer in all ordinary or extraordinary practices.
Sustainable Competitiveness
The purchasing relationship between customer and supplier is direct, with maximum transparency. The prices offered, including all our services, are very competitive as a result of the overall volumes that we generate with suppliers and the long-standing relationship and trust that binds us. Put us to the test, it costs nothing to ask for a quotation and qualified textile companies, importers, distributors and large retailers have already done so!

...made over the last year for a total of about 15.000 CBM of delivered goods ( 530 TEU )

...located in 16 production districts in 6 Countries in the world

...and they are just the starting point!