Supplier's services
We bring your production in Italian market in a safe and reliable way
Our goal is to always build long-term relationships, never for the profit of the individual business but rather for constant work over the years. In return we ask to share the same intents consisting of transparency, integrity, and mutual respect for the work with a serious attitude to problem-solving.


We study together the best way to distribute and position your production in the Italian market, defining together concrete and achievable sales targets. Understanding the type of customers best suited to your production is essential to develop a sustainable business over time.
Experience in Italy and EU markets
You can access in an instant to an in-depth knowledge of the Home Linen market in Italy, built in over fifty years of uninterrupted presence. Based on the features of your production we identify companies and channels potentially interested in working with you.
Safe Business
Every day in the market we know customers and distribution dynamics to make you relate with serious and qualified companies and avoid unpleasant surprises, before during and after the production and delivery of goods.
Streamlining of the Processes
A single reference for your business in Italy, a single order management and production tracking system that once acquired and familiarized will free time and resources to dedicate to production and new markets. Less need for travel and related costs and full support of our team during the main trade fairs, specially Heimtextil and Canton Fair.
Your office on the area, available to assist customers, organize any visits throughout Italy and stay up to date on the market and the latest requests. You can send your application to New Suppliers by filling out the form on the dedicated page, you will be automatically inserted in our database. We are sorry we cannot guarantee you an immediate start, as explained above our relationships are built up over time and require patience to find the right moment; sometimes we can start the collaboration a few years after the first contacts. But one thing we can assure you: working with seriousness and integrity the work will continue together for a long time!
Yearly results
The numbers that we do together

...delivered. Every day of the year at least one container sold and managed by Calmonte Textile Solutions is received in Italy.

... every year for customers meetings, suppliers visits, trips to production countries ... our job is not just an email exchange communication but a close relationship with our business partners

...have relied on us for their creations, delegating the complexities of importing, streamlining processes and seizing the best market conditions.