Le avventure di Ted & Zoe

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Is it possible to innovate in the Home Textile sector?

Ted & Zoe is a new brand designed and developed by Calmonte Textile Solutions and aimed at the simple and intuitive integration of technology into textiles.

The first product Ted & Zoe is an interactive pillowcase for children. With an innovative technology - a free application for smartphones and tablets dedicated to the product - the user can experience interactive adventures together with the protagonists and in the three different scenarios.

The pillowcase is made of high quality pure cotton, certified and safe for children. The different scenarios, printed on the fabric with high definition digital technique, are specially designed to stimulate the imagination of children and involve them in a new surprising experience during the exploration of the jungle, the depths of the ocean or the wonder of an unexplored planet.

You can interact with many elements, listen to sounds in different scenarios and the voices of the protagonists... let your imagination run wild and allow parents to tell a different story before good night!

Welcome to an innovative adventure in the Home Textile industry!

Le avventure di Ted & Zoe

Le avventure di Ted & Zoe

The Project: idea > execution > promotion

Many good ideas often remain such... still on paper or in the thoughts of some shrewd and visionary person. What matters, however, is to realize them, possibly soon and certainly very well, and our role is to coordinate and facilitate these processes on the basis of almost fifty years of experience in the field.

From the initial idea to the finished product, the Ted & Zoe interactive pillowcases are a project entirely coordinated and developed by the young, specialized and enthusiastic Calmonte Textile Solutions team.

In less than six months we went from the idea to the finished product, through the realization of the brand and characters with the support of specialists in the world of children, the choice and creation of scenarios, the parallel development of the application for iOS and Android platforms, animations, sounds and voices. And of course the definition of the correct fabric and printing for the product, the selection of a serious textile industry to which assign the production, the development of the product packaging and the display with which it is delivered to retailers. And finally, the publication of applications in Apple (App Store) and Google (Google Play) stores, photo and video shooting for promotion and the creation of support pages on the official website of the new brand, in coordination with the activity in social networks.

Marketing and Distribution

An innovative idea and a careful execution: from the beginning it was assumed that Ted & Zoe's interactive pillowcases should be distributed by a leading player in the home textile industry who shared the same principles of innovation, service and attention to detail.

This company is the G.I.T. SpA of Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan), for over twenty years recognized and reliable protagonist in the production and distribution of Home Textile and Clothing and that will take care of the diffusion of Ted & Zoe interactive pillowcases in Italy and in some European countries.

For further information please contact us.

Le avventure di Ted & Zoe

Le avventure di Ted & Zoe

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Le avventure di Ted & Zoe