Developing the Home Textile of the future!
We deliver an integrated solution for research and development, making of and the branding of the final products, simplifying and speeding up the production processes and distribution.
We are specialized in the Home Textile Linen sector and we know in depth the products and their characteristics, the different sources of production and the needs of the market and distribution. We can then build effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

From the research of the latest market innovations to the delivery of the finished product, we offer solutions for Home Textile with a complete and tailor-made service for Private Label.

Our team is able to manage all parts of the supply, including product and packaging design, quality control and shipment tracking to ensure project development with confidence at all times. Our decades of collaboration in the main production districts allows us to communicate quickly and efficiently, ensuring the selection of the best qualities and the most convenient sources of supply.

Traditional supply chain management is undergoing a huge change driven by disruptive technologies in the distribution sector, new consumer habits and the need for sustainable and certified production: our solutions are aimed at helping our customers and suppliers to offer speed, efficiency and profitability in responding to these needs.

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About us
Calmonte Textile Solutions has developed a specialized service in the Home Textile for the supply chain of the future. Our vision is to add value, accelerate and innovate the development, production and distribution processes in this sector.
Since 1970 we have grown from an agency focused on the distribution of Home Linen in North East Italy to today's company with which we manage complex supply chains for brands and retailers throughout Italy. In 50 years, despite the great changes that have taken place, innovation and creativity continue to drive our business. We constantly experiment to face new challenges and work to add value to our business partners. Our team consists of people with different skills and experience, but we have many things in common: commitment to great design, innovation, teamwork and customer satisfaction.