Always present on the market for over 50 years!
Calmonte Textile Solution is a company born in 1970 from the agency business of Mr. Ezio Calmonte in the regions of North East Italy. After a few years it was structured as an agency and from the mid-nineties it expanded its activity to foreign collaborations for the entire Italian market.

In 1998, with the entry of his son Massimo, he started a process of reorganization and expansion of international activities until today's organization that goes beyond the traditional form of agency and is configured as a service company available to the most important realities in the production and distribution of Home Textiles in Italy.
Our history

In recent years we have developed long-term partnerships with Suppliers and Customers, relationships that are very important to us and the basis of our business. We are proud of our history and always enthusiastic about looking to the future!
  • October 10th, 1970

    Mr. Ezio Calmonte starts his business in Padova, North East Italy, Venice Area.

  • 1979

    First office is open in Bassano del Grappa, the agency expands with the arrival of new collaborators.

  • 1989

    The new and bigger office is open in Bassano del Grappa to provide the needed space for new collections and collaborators.

  • 1995

    With the first India supplier the cooperation with foreign suppliers starts.

  • 1998

    Massimo Calmonte joins the company in the Home Textile and he will develop the International Business of the company.

  • 2001

    Francesco Baccin joins the company, with focus on clothing an fashion business.

  • 2004

    Increased business and consequent new organization by establishing new partnerships abroad.

  • 2005

    In order to continue its development the company is transformed into a limited company: Calmonte S.r.l. is born.

  • 2008

    The collaborations expand in a consolidated way also to all the productive districts of Pakistan.

  • 2009

    Start of collaborations with suppliers in Turkey, in different sectors of home textiles.

  • 2010

    It starts the collaboration with textile designers for integrated production development and with designers
    for the creation of new product packaging. A new phase begins that will lead Calmonte Textile to become
    a complete Service Company for those who are involved in Home Textile.

  • 2013

    The business expands with the beginning of collaborations with suppliers in Portugal.

  • 2015

    The collaboration with companies in China has been consolidated and definitively started.

  • 2018

    We launch the first ever Augmented Reality App for a Home Linen product, the interactive
    children's pillowcases "Le Avventure di Ted & Zoe", following the entire project from the idea and
    development/sourcing of the production to the creation of the application for the Apple iOS and
    Google Play Android platforms and licensing the project to a distributor for Europe.

  • 2019

    We develop a new collection of Home Linen: Miami - La casa divertente. From the creation of the concept
    to the final product with an efficient packaging, as well as the material for sales and promotion, each phase
    is followed internally by Calmonte Textile Solutions. The collection will then be updated year after year in
    the continuation of an excellent partnership with the distribution company to which it is exclusively assigned.

  • October 10th, 2020

    This is not a point of arrival but a solid base to develop new projects, always with enthusiasm and passion.
    We celebrate 50 years in Textile on October 10th, 2020 !

Our team
Our team is made up of strongly motivated people working every day to improve processes, add value and innovate... always!

The Home Textile Linen sector is certainly mature and in some ways very traditional and for this reason we face it with a family history rooted in the past but at the same time with a young and dynamic team that understands the needs of today's consumer and distribution, to evolve the proposed solutions accordingly.

We collaborate with specialized professionals to offer an integrated service that includes:
In addition to the internal design and graphics office, we work with established professionals in an efficient synergy, without neglecting any channel in search of the latest trends in the world of textiles, interior design and fashion. We select the best influences to arrive at the study and creation of the most suitable product for the customer's reality, taking particular care of the identification and development of the key concept, evolving the collections over time in a long-term strategic perspective.
We collaborate with specialized photographers for the creation of catalogs and product shooting, assistance for visual and location scouting, with specific background for the home textile and fashion. The synergy between all these components allows us to speed up the process of development and implementation as well as eliminate many waste of time to the customer.
We collaborate with international shipping agency to support transport, customs clearance and delivery of foreign productions. If requested by the customer we can assign the operations to the shipping agency associated to us so that we can take care of the requested operations in a smooth way and without wasting time to the customer. The advantage of a well integrated outsourcing service.