Keep Calm. Breathe and resolve

Keep Calm. Breathe and resolve

For a business like ours, the ability to resolve problems imposes itself as a fundamental skill in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Those who rely on Calmonte, in fact, do so with the certainty of dealing with a company capable of easily and successfully managing all those complexities that can often be encountered in the production phase, but not limited to it.

A problem, whatever its nature, inherently carries with it a fundamental assumption: the possibility of being solved. With this in mind, whenever we are faced with difficulties - at work, but also in life - we should always remember that the challenge will never be greater than our chances of overcoming it. For Calmonte, this has always been the case. The world of textiles, and in particular that of home textiles, is an industry in which every slightest change in progress can produce potentially negative effects that need cold blood and vision to be managed in the best possible way. Imagine, for example, what it might mean to realize that you have to change an article when it is already on its way by ship to the customer's warehouse. This is exactly what happened to us not so long ago. A prestigious customer had approached us to support him in the realization of an important promotional operation, which took the form of the production of a 1+1 towel set with a high product quality and a package with meticulous attention to every detail.

The problem occurred when, due to a new regulation that had emerged during the course of the project, the customer realized that a particular wording to be inserted on a label was missing. The whole thing boiled down to several containers of goods - with tens of thousands of items inside them - which were already on their way to Italy and had therefore already exceeded the time limit according to which the supplier could intervene to make the change. In addition, the degree of complexity increased considerably due to two particular additional concomitants: the period was the Christmas season - which meant an overload of work for everyone - and the special care with which the packaging was made required an extremely delicate unboxing, so that the quality of the packaging - and of the product itself - could not suffer. Urgent action was needed. Through our network of professionals, and despite the fact that it was just before Christmas, we managed to locate a craft workshop which, with extreme care and skill, was able to make the required changes at a very low cost. The result? The promotional operation turned out to be a success in terms of product quality and timing, with an absolutely marginal impact on the final costs.

In this case, experience in the sector worked in our favor, specifically with respect to the possibility of being able to count on a solid network of collaborators with whom we have long-standing relationships. We are not only referring to the craftsmen who guaranteed us a rapid and qualitatively impeccable intervention at a very complex time of year, but we are also talking about the supplier. Yes, because although the latter had no responsibility whatsoever for the problem that had arisen, it opted to actively collaborate in its resolution, specifically by contributing to part of the costs incurred in making the required changes. This was made possible thanks to the philosophy that has always characterized Calmonte and which, from the very first moment, we have also been committed to passing on to our collaborators: the importance of sharing both successes and difficulties with them. That is why, in a situation such as the one just described, all the players involved played their part to ensure an optimal result aimed at customer satisfaction. Last but not least, it was that attitude that we believe one should always maintain when a problem of any kind arises: always imagine different scenarios and, therefore, be ready for any kind of eventuality with different resolution plans already in place. Thanks to all these characteristics, in a way, remaining calm when faced with a problem becomes a spontaneous reaction, dictated by the knowledge that you are in full control of your work, even when critical issues arise. Because the real strength lies not in working hard to eliminate problems (despite efforts to minimize them, they will always be there), but in being ready to successfully manage their resolution.