Simplifying to innovate

Simplifying to innovate

We start from a central assumption: simplicity is not synonymous with ease, in fact quite the opposite. For us, streamlining and speeding up internal processes through research and the use of new technologies means being able to invest more time and energy in increasing the quality of the projects entrusted to us.

What makes a company unique? In more than 50 years of history, we have asked ourselves this question many times, and we have come to the conclusion that there is no single answer to this question. There are, in fact, many characteristics that can differentiate a company from its competitors, and for this reason, instead of struggling to come up with a theory - which does not exist - on how to enhance Calmonte's peculiarities, we preferred to take action. Indeed, we have always been convinced that facts prove more than a thousand words. Studying the market, its constant movements and the constant demand for evolution, has led us to realise that the first necessity, for any company, must be to constantly reinvent its world and its role. This is why, for us, investing in research into new possibilities offered by the latest technologies has always allowed us to be ready when the time comes to use them. It has always been a real priority, born out of the need to represent something more than just an intermediary agency engaged in forwarding emails from customer to supplier and vice versa. To do this, experience in the field - we refer to successes, but also to some mistakes - has taught us that everything must start with modernisation and the consequent streamlining of internal company processes. This is where the first tangible benefits for those who rely on us come from.

Let's take a simple but very clear example: when a customer sends us a request, for example a quotation for a product, the fact that our organizational procedures allow us to respond quickly and accurately thanks to an almost flawless traceability process, allows us to invest more time and energy in proposing alternative solutions, both creatively and organisationally. It is precisely here that we want to make a difference: to increase the degree of complexity with which we approach any project, to increase the quality of the final output accordingly.

In order to achieve these purposes, as we have said before, it is necessary to keep constantly up-to-date in terms of knowledge of the most modern tools to be used in our daily work. The fact, for example, that we came several years before the 'Covid period' to understand the benefit of smart-working and cloud technologies in the efficiency-creativity ratio is proof of this. And then, let us remember, it is necessary to constantly reinvent ourselves. It is no coincidence that we like to imagine ourselves as an eternal start-up. Not so much because of the young average age that characterizes our team - a peculiarity of which, you will allow us, we are rather proud - but rather because of the conviction that there is always a way, today, to do things better than yesterday. With this in mind, we have made it a rule to re-examine our internal organization and working procedures every 6 months, precisely to ensure that our customers have a fresh, innovative structure full of interesting ideas to offer. And then, in all sincerity, the search for new challenges seems to us the only way to continue to enjoy ourselves and, consequently, to increase the quality of our service. 

So, getting back to the initial question, if there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what makes a company unique, we certainly know what makes Calmonte unique: the curiosity that drives us to research, the passion that encourages us to 'always do more' and the humility that suggests we never feel we have arrived.