Trust calls responsibility

Trust calls responsibility

When a client relies on us, they do so because they recognise three fundamental values in Calmonte: professionality, creativity and global vision. That is why, every time we are 'chosen', a deep sense of responsibility leads us to do our utmost not to disappoint expectations.

If we could still work by 'handshake', we would more than willingly do so. In fact, to be honest, after signing all the relevant agreements and filling in the necessary bureaucracy, a genuine glance and two hands decisively intersecting is still the best way for us to start a fruitful and satisfying collaboration.

After all, Calmonte's history is rooted in a family tradition where the value of a commitment made and a word given have always been of inestimable importance. In fact, if since 1970 we have come to represent a reality that several brands from Italy and other European countries rely on every year, we feel we can say that this is essentially linked to the sense of responsibility that invests us every time we are assigned a new project. We are aware that when a client chooses us, he is not simply investing money: he is putting his dreams and expectations into our hands, in short, the projection of his future. That is no small thing!  In this regard, we feel that a story is fitting, the names of the protagonists of which we will not mention, due to the commitment to confidentiality that we always undertake to guarantee to those who entrust themselves to us.

A well-known brand operating in the field of home textiles a few years ago acquired an important license from a sportswear brand for the production of an entire collection of accessories. Although it had the opportunity and the expertise to manage the entire production itself, it decided to rely on Calmonte to simplify its work and, we would like to think, to have the guarantee that the end result would gain in product quality and service efficiency. Thus, we took care of and supervised all the phases involved in the realization of the entire collection: from the creative conception of the products and promotional material, through industrialisation by different manufacturers in different countries which we coordinated to ensure a coherent and synchronized result, to the monitoring of delivery and shipping schedules. The result was a success, so much so that this collaboration is renewed year after year with new seasonal collections and to the full satisfaction of all involved.

We have mentioned this experience because, in our opinion, it is an excellent example of what it means to trust and... entrust. We can guarantee it, the purchase of that licence represented a major investment for our client that necessarily had to translate into a tangible result, in a short time and without burdening his pre-existing organisation.

The fact that they entrusted Calmonte, delegating every aspect of the entire production to us despite the fact that, we repeat, they had all the skills to manage it themselves, is a profound act of appreciation towards our work. We, for our part, have tried to honour it to the best of our ability, not only through the quality of the result, but also in terms of the economic satisfaction of our customer. This is just one of the many examples that we could cite and which fall, we can proudly say, within the realm of an honest, transparent and passionate professional relationship. After all, if you think about it, trust always calls for responsibility. Like a shake needs hands.  Or a glance needs eyes.